Magenta/bubble gum 08...

  1. Are the new bags in 08 coming in all styles? Also, for us slow BBAG people what is everything talking about the magenta in 07?:confused1:
  2. Hi KathyM, I believe that the new colors for 2008 will available in all styles (I also read in one thread that there will be one new style). As for Magenta, this color is intoduced back in 2005, that year has many most wanted colors such as BG Pink, Magenta, etc. Since the Magenta is sooo famous and I guess that many people keep talking about it and the demand is simply there, so Balenciaga redone this color again under 'Limited Edition', which you need to pre order it and they will charged you in advance. Unfortunately this LE Magenta 2007 only available in City style (although you have the choices of hardwares in Regular, gold or silver). Although they probably won't take pre order anymore (but you might want to double check), but the delivery of this Limited Ed Magenta has caused some problems because there was a huge delay and lack of communication from Bal NY to buyers. I am one of the person who did the pre order and still frustrated because I still have not received my bag yet. God knows when.
  3. I forgot to add that they will be having new Magenta and BG Pink for 2008 collection.
  4. :tup:Thank you
  5. Gallicaroses...Thanks for the good info about '08 colors...Do you know of any others in '08...I'm already excited. :yahoo:
  6. I also heard from an SA at BalNY that one of the pinks (and that's what she said, "one of") is going to be more of a peachy pink...Who knows. :shrugs:
  7. The SA described the new BG Pink for the S/S 2008 will be like peachy color....Hmmm...:confused1:...The electric blue will be like french blue from S/S 2007 collection.
  8. Yes...and it came from a good source...But like someone else said somewhere on this forum...It seems like each one tells you something different.:nogood:
  9. Also Gallicaroses...I wondered if you heard anything about the Reds for '08? I read the other thread and I don't think anyone's know for sure...
    Thanks again for info.:girlsigh: