Magenta box on ebay right now!!!

  1. uuggghhhh... I'm so tempted....
  2. I love the color and I'm watching it in my eBay, but I'm really wanting a city because of the larger size. Argh! I'm getting impatient :suspiciou
  3. ooohhh pretty.... this won't last too long....
  4. I'm SO surprised this hasn't been snatched up -- it's so gorgeous, someone needs to jump on it! :biggrin:
  5. I am too! It's so beautiful. I don't like the box shape but if it was anything else...
  6. So wish it was a City!
  7. FYI - the seller of this auction is a member here and at TFS!!!
  8. ooh thats very pretty!
  9. Someone should definately get it. I just got this bag and it soooooo cute in the magenta color. At first I wasn't sure about the magenta color, but the more I look at it the more I love it. Also the box is really not that small. It can actually hold quite a bit.:love: :love: