MAGENTA BLEEKER!! Who has it??

  1. Who has it!! I wants ittttt
  2. I don't have it, but it's SO pretty!
  3. Nordstrom website has it, what a beautiful color!

    I just got my sister for her birthday the Bleeker large duffel in wine. I am so tempted to keep it! :graucho:

    Maybe I'll just breakdown and get the Carly large leather bag in red for myself!
  4. i know a few ppl on tpf have it... i ve seen it in person but i havent tried it on
  5. I like the color but wish it came in the smaller bleecker duffle size too! Pretty!
  6. I wANT THEM TO COME OUT WITH A LARGE BLEEKER FLAP IN THIS COLOR :crybaby: (I hope if I say it enough, it'll come true :lol:)
  7. I have the Bleeker Large duffle in black and just ordered it in Magenta from I'm so excited. I hope it looks as bright in person. I'll post a photo when it comes in!
  8. oooooh i love the pink!!! good thing i dont like the bleecker duffle or I would be majorly in debt!!!
  9. Does anyone know if there will be other pieces in this color? :drool:
  10. That pink is hottt!!! Someone here got it not so long ago...
  11. Lovinggggg the pink! Wish it came in for the smaller bleeckers. :sad:
  12. It's really pretty to look at, but it's WAAY too pink for me.
  13. I love the color!
  14. Sorry I think this bag is sooooooo ugly!!!!!! :tdown::nogood::wtf:
  15. :sad: