Magenta Bleecker Duffle WTF ???

  1. There isn't even actual pics of the bag!!! :s
  2. You're right. :wtf: Have to watch this one to see how it plays out....
  3. Geez, I love my Bleecker magenta, but if someone can sell it for almost $1000, I'd sell it in a heartbeat for that, since I only paid like $400 for it.
  4. You know some rich dad is gonna come along and buy it for his spoiled brat daughter, especially since it isn't available on the website until January.

    I'm not judging anyone who might buy it though. If you have money, do as you please, I guess.
  5. Oh they pushed it back until January? It was originally only pushed back until 12/7.
  6. Yep, I was checking it because I was going to try and buy it for myself for Christmas from Coach. I think it is back until January 6 now.
  7. I was just thinking that! At least post pics of the ACTUAL bag for goodness sakes. If you would be crazy enough to buy that, I would think one would want to see pics of the bag first! People are nuts.
  8. People list things on eBay for outrageous prices! Im sure if you put in an offer for something more reasonable, it would be accepted. BUT, I wouldnt even put in an offer on a listing that doesnt even have pictures of the actual bag!
  9. and it's only the stock photo!!!! it's humerous sometimes what people try to sell on ebay.