Magenta Beauty Up In Ebay

  1. emila, thanks again for the heads up!

    seahorse, yup, yup, what a beauty! good luck with your sale!
  2. ohh...another magenta!!!!!!you're killing me, seahorse!!
  3. wow seahorse where do you get all these gems?:nuts:
  4. thank u ladies... my friend bought that and never used it, so she offered the bag to me. but i can't afford this after i bought 4 other bags these last weeks so i :hysteric: had to let it go :girlsigh:
  5. Good luck Seahorse. Glad you were able to make a decision!
  6. Wow that color is amazing!
  7. i'm not too relieved with that decision, but YES, my pocket does :P
    and my bf too, he's intimidated when i wear that colour :roflmfao:
  8. Hi Seahorse !!!
    your bag is really beautiful:nuts: !!!
    i'm sure she will find a lovely new home :tender: !!!
    Good Luck :flowers: !!!
  9. The bag is TDF!!!:love: