Magenta BBag owners, care to post pics?

  1. I am dying for a Magenta bag, any would be great to see a slew of Magenta eye candy and inspiration, also to see how the color looks in different styles. Thanks so much!

    Please wish me luck in obtaining one soon :nuts:
  2. I just received my first magenta BBag yesterday. :smile:

  3. PS. Love your pug in your avatar. I have 3 pugs! They are the best.
  4. Here's my little bit of Magenta!
  5. Fieryfashionist, I must say that your magenta city is particularly deeevine! :graucho:
  6. Here ya go! I've got a Box and City for you to look at, and they are pictured with other City's and a Twiggy so you can see size comparisons. When new and vibrant the color and leather is divine! As you can see I am a 05 lover, with only one 04 Eggplant, and one 06 Lilac. IMO, 05 has the best colors and leather ever! Good luck on your choice, and make sure to share photos!
    IMG_6761.jpg IMG_6716.jpg IMG_7765.jpg 12-08-06-2011.jpg IMG_4782.jpg
  7. Here's some more yummy color combos, and a close ups of the shiny, beautiful Magenta leather!
    IMG_6417.jpg IMG_6806.jpg IMG_7575-1.jpg IMG_7783-1.jpg IMG_7777-1.jpg
  8. Haha, she sure is, and I know she is going to be enjoyed thoroughly by her fab new owner! :supacool:

  9. I have got to get a magenta in my collection!
  10. my magenta purse:

  11. Deana- '05 does have the best colors, how do you find them nowadays?

    Kirsten- 3 pugs? that's like a full time job. My pug is my life.
  12. I've got my Magenta pics here, including Magenta Box, Magenta Shoulder, Magenta First, Magenta Clutch

    It's my FAVOURITE Balenciaga color, by far!! :heart: