magenta available in NM SF

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  1. magenta shoulder available as of yesterday afternoon at NM sf location.
  2. WOW! You probably just made someone's day!
  3. I went to SF today and it was still there as of 4:30 PM.:yes:
  4. I wonder if this is the same one that had been there couple months ago? I saw it sitting there for the longest time. Then I remember someone posted here about it like last month, but when people called in they said it was gone, and now it appears again :confused1: Someone please take the beauty home :love:
  5. ^^^^ YES, someone take it home..its looks lonely amongst all the other dark boring colors hehehe no offensive to anyone who likes this seasons colors :smile:
  6. :nuts: Is this something that happens often? How can a bag from 2005 still be at Neimans? Crazy!!!
  7. This seems to be the same one that's been around for over 6 months. I've seen a magenta shoulder at the NMSF earlier this year and I even saw it at the NM Palo Alto store (once). Maybe there is more than one but I've always seen it there and thought it was the same one. :confused1:
  8. Why isn't anyone buying it????
  9. Maybe it's been bought and returned multiple times...which could explain the mysterious appearances and disappearances over this past year! I posted about it like 4-5 months ago.