Magenta and rouge vif, pics please!

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  1. Hi, I have rouge vif, I am thinking about magenta :angel: and I wish I could tell how tey look by comparison one next to the other in the same pic (in order to have the same lighting). Please, does anybody have both and happen to have them pictured toghether ? Thanks:biggrin:!
  2. Wow, this thread is really crowded. Nobody.

    Doesn't at least anybody own both magenta and one of the reds any season?
    And it's ok if you don't have pics, your opinion is enough!
  3. I don't have pics side by side, but hope this helps:
    vif1.JPG missmagenta.JPG
  4. :sweatdrop: thanks addictedtopurses !

    If you own both, what's your opinion, are they similar or totally different?
    I mean isn't it ridiculous to own both because they are too similar?
  5. i only have magenta, but i think it's different from the rouge vif...
    u should get them both :graucho:
  6. girl, i have them both, but my pic is not watermarked. i can email it to you if you want.
  7. check out my avatar, it's the rouge vif courier and magenta shrug
  8. I don't own either so I can't really help, but looking at the pics - they definitely don't look similar in colour!
  9. Yes girls, thank you everybody, totally different! the avatar was really helpful, thanks.
  10. get the magenta too - it is totally different from the rouge. They both POP but in different ways.
  11. Okay, I know its a bit late now, but I've finally found the perfect picture I've been looking for to illustrate this two colours.


    esile's two beautiful Works.:heart:
  12. Thank you english girl, you're a dear!
    It's never too late and yes, this pic is perfect. I really appreciated that.:love:

    I perfectly understand now the kind of difference there is between the two.
  13. I ,3