Magenta and Fuschia ?

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  1. Took one more with Magenta Isabelle and Patent Berry and Raspberry Croc. Again, it's with flash so the pic is much lighter than the irl depth. Now that I have them side by side, patent Berry is quite a bit darker than the Magenta.

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  2. Magenta is more purplish than pink. I bought the Isabelle just for the color Magenta. It stands out. I wish it was a lipstick color :smile:
  3. Thanks so much for the comparison!
  4. Thank you......yes totally justified to have both colors when you see them side by side. I told dh that the outlet had called and had my Fuschia on hold and he asked if I wanted to go up there tonight....I told him I could wait till the morning :P so excited to go pick her up .
  5. IRL fuchsia is more of a bubblegum/hot pink, and magenta is more of a darker, berry pink.

    On my screen fuchsia is looking warmer, like shrimp, hitch it totally isn't, and magenta is looking a lot lighter than IRL.

    Bottom line, both pretty, and very different from each other if you want to get both.
  6. Thanks for the pic! I love the Legacy Fuschia! This is what I wished the Madison Fuschia looked like.

    Try MAC Show Orchid Lipstick, a Pro color, with Magenta lip liner. Or just the Magenta Lip Liner by itself.
  7. Gasp!!! I have fuschia Hailey and have been debating something in the legacy fuschia and seeing this pic made me realize just how PINK legacy is! NEED!
  8. Great comparison pics! I think these really well represent the color differences from what I've seen. I'm a sucker for that true, vibrant hot pink (like the legacy duffle), so I went with the gathered lindsey in magenta because it's closer to that vibrant hot pink. Your pics are so helpful!
  9. I agree with this!

    I found the fuschia to almost have an orange-ish undertone to it. I have not seen them side by side though.
  10. Thank you for these - this is really helpful!
  11. YES - THANKS!! I ordered the magenta sight unseen with a PCE and had gotten a fuschia bag with the last PCE. I'm a pink and purple fan but was hoping I'd be able to justify both bags. Now I know I can!!
  12. SUPER! Thanks. I just called Macy's and they have that lipstick :smile:
  13. Here is fuchsia hailey & magenta large wristlet

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  14. They compliment each other beautifully...I couldn't get to the outlet today as real life dared to get in the way of my coach
    I am heading up there after I drop off the kids in the morning :smile:
  15. This lipstick is a perfect/accurate match for the bag. I wore them both today :smile: Thank you!
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