Magenta and Fuschia ?

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  1. Are these colors different enough to justify owning both ? I have the magenta Isabelle and am waiting on my outlet opening boxes to see if they have a Lindsey in Fuschia. I would have to drive a little over an hr to go pick it up . Yes or no...TIA :smile:
  2. Yes, the Magenta Isabelle and Fuschia Lindsey are different enought to justify owning both. First, they are two different bags. Magenta is a bright, beautiful purple pink. I thought the fuschia was not so bright and kinda dull. With that said, I can see someone owning both with no problem.
  3. I hope my outlet pulls out a Fuschia for me. Funny thing is when I got the Isabelle my dh said to me" I thought you were wanting a pink bag but that one is purple " so now I can take him at his word that , yes indeede, I do want a pink bag :biggrin:
  4. Yes, u need both.
  5. Fuchsia is a beautiful hot pink, not dull at all.

    Magenta looks like a typical deep berry color.

    I much prefer the fuchsia.
  6. They look fairly different to me. The magenta is definitely a more purple-pink color, while the fuchsia is a pretty deep pink. It's really beautiful on the Lindsey and Sophia. I say go for it, especially at the outlet price.
  7. I have a wristlet in magenta & a fuchsia hailey, I can post a pic of them together tomorrow if ya want?
  8. And to throw another wrench into the fire, I think there is a color difference in the gathered magenta and the smooth magent :smile: The gathered is a tad more subdued.
  9. I can see getting both if you really like pink. I have the berry Marielle, which is similar to magenta I think and I’m on the prowl for a fuchsia lindsey. One’s leaning toward purple, while when you go outside you’ll notice the fuchsia is an awesome hot pink. LOl one day my mother wore her fuchsia Maggie with a dress that had the exact shade of pink. We went into a grocery store. I swear, every male employee looked for an excuse to talk to her. I’ve never seen that reaction before lol so I guess the fuchsia is an attention-getter :smile:
  10. Between DD and I we have the Madison Fuschia Abigail and the Magenta Isabelle and I just took some quick pics for you. Sorry, but it's getting dark here now so the flash had to be on. They look deeper irl but hopefully you can see the shade differences well enough. We also have the Fuschia Legacy Duffle so I threw that one in the pic too. Obviously we're a house of pink loving Barbie girls lol!

    Magenta - purple pink and in some lights actually looks more purple than pink. Very close to last year's Madison Berry Patent color.
    Madison Fuschia - pink and lighter than the Legacy Fuschia
    Legacy Fuschia - vibrant hot pink


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  11. w0wowoz I love that Magenta
  12. I think you NEED one of those - it's HOT!
    Really nice smooshy leather too. :graucho:

  13. OMG Princess69 said I need one to....
    OMG I NEED one
    I just hope they dont become like Lindsey lolol
  14. Thanks, codegirl, for the side-by-side! Excellent photos!
  15. thanks that was a great comparison!!!
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