Magenta 08 or Bubblegum Pink 08

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  1. Hi,

    I'm confused which color is this one? the letter of the silverplate is "T" so I assume is from pre S/S 2008, and not sure wheter magenta or bubblegum pink color..

    plsss help!!!

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  2. I'm pretty sure it is magenta. Here is a pic of the bubblegum.
    It seems much lighter thans yours.

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  3. Looks like there is a minor color fading on this bag since the colors of the mirror and bag don't match perfectly. According to the mirror, my guess is 2008 Pale Magenta.
  4. looks like 04 rose to me too!
    but this could be an effect of color darkening/fading.
  5. I think it's Pale Magenta. BG08 is really quite light. This esp looks like Pale Mag.

  6. thanksss guys, what is the official color name? pale magenta or magenta? are they the same color?
  7. balenciaga made quite a few magenta in the pass several years, and they all different. i believe the official name is Pale magenta, though, you can call it 08 magenta
  8. Faded or not faded...mangenta or pale magenta...I absolutely love this bag for sure!! :love::happydance:
  9. i belive this is pale magenta :smile:
  10. Hi tomodachi -- based on the zipper tape, I'd say your bag is pale magenta. The zipper tape on bubblegum is more peachy/orangey (as in fuschiafirefly's bag). HTH!
  11. Looks like Bubblegum to me.

  12. I agree the zipper tape on the bubblegum was definitely a peachy colour, where as this one is more pink like they pale magenta. Looks really scrummy!