Magenta 08 MU more stunning than I thought!!

  1. this is my first MU and i'm loving it!! the leather on it is super soft and i thought i wouldn't like the veiny part of it when i saw the pics but actually i think its what makes it special:love: can't wait to get my next one!!

    w/flash...reminds me of 05 magenta ;)

    w/o flash is really the true color

  2. :drool:
  3. Congrats! It's :love:!
  4. I really like it. The leather is great. Congrats!
  5. This looks so yummy fuchsia!!!:drool::drool::drool: CONGRATS!!!

  6. so pretty, congrats!Q
  7. That MU is so cute:love: CONGRATS
  8. I think magenta is a lovely color. You've got quite a little gem there :smile:
  9. It's so cute! I love the veins on it, I think these are true, edgy Balenciagas, not the ones with even colour.
  10. Congrats! It's really pretty! I think pale magenta is the best color from this season :heart:. I just got a pale magenta MU too and I love the color and the leather :love:
  11. ooohh congrats!! i really want a clutch and i'm leaning in the MU direction....lucky lady!
  12. Oo:huh:o WOW ... love it!! I just got my first MU and now I want more in gorgeous colours like this. Congrats ... it's really pretty.
  14. congrats mabli! Soo pretty! :love: Thanks for sharing! :heart:
  15. :drool: so beautiful!! I just love this season's magenta :love: