*Magdalena*'s shoe candy

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  1. Oooh yes please and thank you :hugs:I'm not 100% on how they fit as i havent tried the VN's on but i'm guessing 40 or 40.5. tts for me is 40. I've read people say either tts or 0.5 up. I was almost tempted to buy a pair of champagnes a few weeks ago and get them dyed but i think i'm going to hold out.

    Someone else suggested keeping an eye on NM. When you got them were they on sale?
  2. Im a US size 38 and so are these VNs...even though I'm 38.5 in most CLs. so you may wanna go with 40... I did see the champagne ones on sale for like 280 at my local NM couple weeks ago, but now that Im thinking they werent even your size...I did get the emerald green ones online on sale for $530(not THAT great of a deal, but still better than retail, right?)
  3. I would still pay $530 for them. Chins found some yellow ones for about £330 but they were a 39.5,i think. I am quite sure my CL size is 40! I am on the ban til April but these are one of my loopholes!
  4. Magdalenaaaaahhhhh !!!!!
    I can not take my eyes off either :cloud9::love:
    the VP's are TDF :faint::faint::faint::faint::faint:
  5. Your pythons are beautiful - and so perfect with your muse :love:
  6. Gorgeous, Mags! Congrats!
  7. Love those new VP's - Now I want a pair!
  8. wow mags, love the python VPs! for some reason they did not impress me as much when i saw them in real life at saks, but your pictures really makes them look amazing!!! a lot more textured, and not flat

    congrats on your 1st exotic pair... it is addicting, and you will want many more.
  9. ^^^thanks guys for all your sweet compliments! Carlinha~dont even tell me! lol...that is not helping me :Push: i have two more pairs coming my way(non-exotics) and after that I am on a serious ban! 'til like January 2010!!!!! Shirli~didnt mean to enable lol :devil:
  10. Oh my, Magdalena! Those VPs look even more gorgeous up close! Did you find them TTS or did you go with your normal VP size?
  11. ^^^Thanks sweetie! I went with my regular VP size of 38.5, im a US 8
  12. Hey Magdalena!!! I loved the VP's like nothing other when we were trying them on in saks they look amazing on you!!!!! I can't believe how you areracking up go Girl!!!!
  13. Lovin' those python vp's on you Magdalena. They look gorgeous and I love the colors in it. The drapidays look great also. Congrats!
  14. Magdalena- The Python VP's look amazing on you!
  15. fabulous collection!