*Magdalena*'s shoe candy

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  1. beautiful collection, and your doggy is such a ham! :P
  2. Magda, your collection is gorgeous. I love all the different colors and styles. Great job!! lol
  3. beautiful collection, you have a little of everything. LOVE the nude triclos...and the VP turtle...and the magenta new simple...and PEANUT!
  4. Magdalena, I couldn't focus on your divine CL collection after seeing that pic of your lil peanut!! He's just too cute!! :flowers:
  5. Oh, Mags!

    Amazing collection!!! I love your Ambrosinas, silver Sometimes and turquoise Ron Rons the best!
  6. You have a very beautiful collection and the most cutest puppy:tender:
  7. Gorgeous collection! Lots of color! I love the new additions too!

    And, how cute is your puppy?!
  8. Kamilla and Ashakes-even though I am proud of my collection, it doesnt even compare to your army of shoes!! Thanks for the compliments, lilmissjenna, rilokiley, Karwood, keya, Lovery&Amazing, Dana.
  9. Awww, I want a puppy!

    I love your collection!! I especially love the green VNs.

    I do have a question. Does your sometimes have different silver. I think mine have regular silver laminato and a pewter color where the tie up. Mine look two toned. Or am I seeing things?
  10. love your turquoise ron rons....which i tried on at saks yesterday and wanted them sooooooo bad!!!:sweatdrop:
  11. lovely collection!!! and your pups is sooooo cute!!!
  12. Fabulous collection! And I love the puppy too! ;)
  13. haha, you are not seeing things! Mine are two toned as well....where they tie up, it's more of a darker silver than aywhere else on the shoe! I kinda like that contrast.

    thanks Carla, sakura and taydev
  14. such a stunning collection! those green very noeds are beautiful aswell as those armadillos :love:
  15. Nice collection, but little peanut stole my heart! Too adorable.. :love: