*Magdalena*'s shoe candy

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  1. WOW Magdalena

    I love all your shoes and ADORE Peanut. Such a cute poser lol
  2. You've got beautiful pieces in that lovely collection of yours! Your little peanut is adorable!
  3. I love all of the amazing bright colors!
  4. omds i'm in shoe heaven!
    my collection doesnt feel worthy now =P

    i esp like your very neouds in green satin they are TDF!

    love love your collection- i'm gonna aspire to it now and write an action plan out =P
  5. #35 Jan 29, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2009
    Thank you Thank you EVERYONE for your lovely compliments on the shoes....and my little doggie, actually his name is Davinci, but i like to call him peanut since he's 4lbs. he is always around and ready to pose when i play with my shoes...haha
    CClover-let me take more pics of the decollette from top...it almost reminds me of the Petit rat with the square toe
    Noe-soooo glad you got the Muse...that navy color would go realllllly nice with my new Armadillos :graucho: I did get my muse as well and love the ivory...we'll be bag twins
    Chins-it's so hard to chose my favorites; there are so many of them. i think i would have to say the Blue MC Armadillo, Emerald Green VN, Black jazz decollete, Orniron botties and turq. suede Ron Ron(even tho I havent worn them out yet) As you noticed, I am all about color
    rdgldy-i got them on NM.com; keep checking it as they may reapper again in your size. ill let you know if i see them as well.
    mikakaren-yes, it's a pomeranian. he's a Capricorn, likes long walks on the beach, and barking at strangers LOL
    Lilgooseberry~you're too funny!
  6. Simply lovely,mag
  7. mags, :drool: your collection is gorgeous! I love love love your wine suede Declics! I didn't know you got the Astras?!!? We are shoe twins!!
  8. GORGEOUS collection! I am IN LOVE with your dog and I am not even a pet person.
  9. Magdalena you have such a beautiful collection! I love every pair and I love all the different colors!
  10. Love them all, Magdalena - so much color! The green VNs are amazing, and I love the armadillos as well, they're one of my favs too!
  11. Thanks for sharing your collection, Magdalena! Beautiful!
  12. yaay :hugs:I got them last month on sale for $268!!!!:nuts:

    Thanks DeeDeelovely, Jenn, japskivt, nakedmosher, and surlygirl!!!
  13. Wow :faint: your collection is amazing! So many gorgeous beauties but my favorites have to be the green VNs and especially the red ambrosinas, I've been lusting for a pair for the longest now.
    Enjoy all your lovely shoes.

    Davinci is so adorable.
  14. I absolutely LOVE your collection. They're all gorgeous, but I'm drooling over the Green Satin Very Noed! So gorgeous!
    And your dog is SOOO adorable! How cute is he posing with all those shoes?
  15. magdalena, your collection is gorgeous!! i am in love with the multi tone blue armadillos.. and your dog is absolutely adorable!