*Magdalena*'s shoe candy

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  1. what a fabulous collection! and the cutest little doggie! :heart:
  2. I love your collection!!! :drool: So many pretty colors! Do you by any chance have pictures of the top of the new decolletes? I've never seen them before and would love to see the difference between those and the old ones.
  3. Beautiful collection, especially the VN and Armadillos!
  4. Simply Gorgeous!!!!!! Soo I got the muse!
  5. i love ur ambrosinas and the green very noueds. soooo cuteee
  6. Your shoe collection is GORGEOUS!!! And your peanut is tooo cute!!!
  7. Fabulous!!! :nuts:

    Your doggie is so cute!
  8. Very nice collection !! Love the variety of colour !!!
  9. Don't know which I :heart: more - your collection or your little guy!

    Beautiful collection - love the spread of colours & styles - do you have a favourite amongst all the brown boxes?
  10. gorgeous collection!! your dog is so adorable! what breed is he?? a pomeranian?
  11. To die for!
  12. You have many shoes to lust after!
  13. how adorable ur little pooch is! my :heart: melts seeing him makes me want to get my doggie now but i cant yet!:girlsigh: Shoes are amazing i love em all. can i come to yours to play?
  14. Such a beautiful, colorful collection.
    I want the silver sometimes so badly!
    I love your pup too!
  15. shoes are amazing :ps:, but i have to say my favourite is the round furry one, that is simple gorgeous :tender:!!! (am i right in presuming it is a dog?!)