Magazines on sale for $6.99!!! Valentines Day Sale

  1. Thanks! Who doesn't like some good reading for the gym!?!
  2. you can often find great magazine deals through or Amazon when they have a sale. I get my fashion mags for $3-$4/yr subscription
  3. LOL, you live and you learn - i have been paying $25 bucks on average for my magazines so this seemed like a good break, but $3-4 bucks sounds like a steal. T
  4. omg $25! You have to check out eBay- be careful and only buy from a seller who has a LOT of feedback but I always get my mags there- my latest steal was 3 years of marie claire for $7.99. I also got a whole year (52 issues!) of OK magazine for $2.99. There are some seriously good deals.
  5. Actually lately when I have gone to Clinique when they have their promotion inside the gift bag is a year to Marie Claire for $5 and I got 2 years of Allure for $12. I need to go find a cheap one to SI now, they are trying to make me renew at $80 LOL!
  6. Thanks! I just subscribed to 3 mags for under $15!
  7. Thanks!! Love me some magazines for $6.99!
  8. Thank you! I ordered lots!
  9. is the best.

    I got NY Mag for $10, normally $54

    They have a ton under $5 and we get somewhere between 12-15 magazines at our house now!
  10. thanks!