Magazine tote

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  1. I just saw someone's pic here of their magazine tote..
    i always wanted one and want to hear from any owners of this bag..
    do you love it and what do you use it for .. as a handbag , etc....
    I would love to hear from all the owners of this bag !
  2. i have one coming! i'll post pics when it gets here!
  3. My sister has it in white and I tis great she totally loves it.. I have used it and it is very comfy..
  4. I just bought a grey one but haven't used it yet. I'll post when I do!!!
  5. HI,
    I don't have the Magazine tote but (IMO), she is Ms. Julianne without the long strap. The Magazine tote does have larger handles.
    Very Nice!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  6. i can hardly wait for the pics ! thanks..
  7. I have one I use it for a purse but I can throw my daughter's diapers and wipes in it and use it as a diaper bag. It also will fit my laptop so it can be used as a school or work bag as well.
  8. I just snagged a green Magazine Tote at the outlet and I was wondering the same thing! Is she too much of a tote to be a purse for me? I'm a bit concerned about her not having a full closure at the top. She just has the dog leash. This is fine for a tote, but I prefer to keep my purse contents fully protected. So, I'm on the fence, as usual......