Magazine Subscriptions For $5

  1. wow! good deal! thanks!
  2. Great deals! Too bad they are only valid in the US!
    They haven't updated the page but Shop ETC. isn't in production anymore which I'm very upset by! I really LOVED that magazine.

    Thanks for the post!
  3. ^^ Really?! I didn't know that! I loved that mag too :sad:
  4. just ordered the oprah magazine..thanks for the info
  5. Hi, I want to know is Shop Etc out of production? I just want to confirm about this whether it is true or not because I just placed the order (Shop Etc) for 1yr through this web-site. Thanks!
  6. sabrinah, thanks for the post! what a bargain!
  7. Thanks for the post ! But I guess I should be satisfied after choosing 5 diff mags for myself and 5 for friends from for 29.95 :smile: