Magazine Scans: 200 Chanel Bags Collector in Taiwan

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  1. I came across this article in a Chinese magazine about this Taiwanese Socialite with a 200+ Chanel bag collection. Here are the scans so we can all drool over her bags. I'll do my best to translate some of the text.


    Headline: Classic, Practical, and Delicate - I Love Chanel

    Ms. Lu, age 30s, avid Chanel collector, not only loves Chanel bags, but also their suits, dresses, shoes, and perfume. Has been collecting Chanel for over 12 years and has 200+ Chanel bags alone. She buys almost the entire season's collection and jokes that she can lend the bags to Chanel for a retrospective on the house's designs. The editor then notes that they were in awe of her extensive collection.


    In 1996, I fell in love with Chanel! At the time, I was dating my now husband and while shopping, I was drawn to the beautiful clothing at the Chanel boutique. The SA was very friendly and I bought my first bag. After returning home, I fell more and more in love with it and thus started my collection. Now, I shop at the boutique at least once a month and the most I've bought at one visit is 5 bags. Editors note: we will showcase only a small fraction of her collection due to the space.

    She then gives notes on a few of the bags:
    The little black cameilla flower bag is the one that's most rare. The naked bag she plans on giving to her daughter when she's older and can appreciate/take care of them. She current favorite is the orange reissue on the bottom right.


    Ms. Lu's Style: She wears mostly Chanel clothing and she usually wears a jacket with jeans. Her most expensive Chanel bag is the black one on the bottom right with the discs. The most imaginative are the cassette and record bags, and the one she uses the most is the vinyl coco cabas.

    Special Editors note (bottom left):
    Storage: Ms. Lu doesn't want her bags to be crushed so she always keeps the boxes and makes note on them to indicate style, etc. When she transported the bags over for the photoshoot, they were all packed in Louis Vuitton luggage. Each bag had the box, tissue paper, dust bags, intact. Ms. Lu stated that after every use, she uses a soft cloth to wipe them down and then gently puts them back in the boxes. She "treasures" each bag.
  2. Wow.. thanks for ur post CindyYZ.. Her collections are amazing..
  3. Wow that's my fantasy right there!!. Thanks for taking the time to scan and translate those :drool:. There are some bags I've never seen before. The cassette and disc clutches are so funky!
  4. Cool, thanks for sharing and translating :tup: The collection is so fabulous.
  5. Thanks so much for posting this. What a treat for us!

    What I like most about this article is that Ms. Lu wipes down each bag after use and stores them in their original packaging. It makes me feel good to know that she can afford anything, but she still really appreciates her Chanels and takes care of them. We have all heard of other socialites who trash their bags and don't care (which is really sad to me). This was a great post!
  6. Thank you for taking time to translate! My chinese is so horrible LOL, I couldn't even read a sentence in full! Thank God for your translation or I'd be drooling at pictures only :lol: Good job!

    Anyhoo, she sounds exactly like my mom! I don't know if I will ever have the patience to 'wipe' every bag after use and place it back neatly like in its original state. I don't think I can do that although I try my best to take care of my bags as much as I can. She looks pretty and polished and I'm amazed by the fact she is humble. I love her overall style and taste in the bags esp the bugs flaps (magenta and red lamb woah!) and the bow tweed flap with camellia.

    She's my new idol :roflmfao:
  7. is she looking for a daughter to adopt? :P
  8. Wow! Some collection she has! Thanks for posting and translating for us.
  9. You're welcome everyone! She's absolutely GORGEOUS and has great style! I thought it was funny that she's carrying a birkin in the last scan.
  10. Wow. Thanks Cindy for posting! Do you think you can send a letter to the magazine editor to ask for the rest of the photos of her collection? :graucho: What a completed collection she has!!!! :nuts:
  11. You read my mind! She is absolutely stunning.
    I wanna go play at her house!
  12. Thank you for posting this! It was great eye candy and that woman is drop dead gorgeous and I love her style!
  13. Thank you for taking the time to put this up.
    That lady's collection is amazing!!Is she someone famous in Taiwan?
  14. thank you soo much for posting this, makes me want to buy more Chanel bags. I like that although she is mega rich and owns soo much Chanel sh appreciates every item and takes great care of them- an inspiration to me!
  15. Her collection is beautiful and so is she:smile: