Magazine Q&A with Sarah of NY Bal Store

  1. Thanks for sharing! What a very cool article! I hope to meet her one day!
  2. awe, that's a really cute article about a really cute girl, i :heart: sarah!!!
  3. Twinny? :roflmfao: She's so cute!! :love:
  4. cute ...
  5. adorable
  6. she is such a nice person....I really like her...
  7. she's so beautiful! very witty, too!
  8. i really like her too.....
    i hope i can stop by the store and see her next time i go back east.
  9. I just adore her, she is so weet. :yes: I met her in person and i can't say enough about her.:heart:
  10. What a great Q&A! She is so wonderful too! Perfect for Balenciaga! :heart:
  11. omg thats my SA!!! hehhehehehehe!!!
  12. She sounds like she fits into the boutique perfectly!
  13. cute article.
    thanks for sharing.
  14. mercer,
    mercer, you took the words right out of my mouth. She's a great person:yes: