magazine deals?

  1. Does anyone know of magazine subscription deals? I'm thinking of renewing my Vogue and W subscriptions . . .

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Avoid at all costs!!! We all learned that the hard way in the fall. I am permanently out $30 from that one...
  3. I've been ordering magazines from him for years - - his prices are really good, and they are very nice to deal with.
  4. Hi, this may be off track but what is your favouriate magazines ?
  5. Amazon runs specials sometimes. I got $5 off of the one-year Lucky subscription, so it was only $7 for the year.
  6. I got all my subscriptions on eBay. The deals are insane. I have only had one bad experience of not getting it but I used my AMEX so I was protected.
  7. I subscribe to Vogue, Elle, Lucky,Harper's, and Glamour....all from eBay at incredible prices with NO problems!!!
  8. I got some good prices just yesterday: Lucky for $7, 3 years of Us Weekly for $92, and a whole year of Marie Claire for $3.59!! Besides tPF, I'm a total magazine junkie! PM me if you want the exact addresses; I'd have to look it up for you!
  9. yea i agree with ebay. But buy from sellers with good feedback/reputation.
    I scored a 3 year subscription to Women's Health for 14 bucks!
  10. ****** has cash back for magazine subscriptions through I've ordered several through there and been really happy....

  11. Did you try to get your $$ back? They finally credited my account when i threated to go to the Better Business Bureau.
  12. use ebay that is where i get all my magazines. never had bad experience there
  13. NO! I Should try that...I would email and email and never get a response...or when I finally did, it was just to say "we have credited your BigMags acct, pick more magazines"...ah, no. So I was going to try and get the $$ from my cc, but since it's been more than 120 days that is a hassle too. I will try the BBB threat and see if that works...