Magazine/Book Cover Purses

  1. Ever since I started seeing them about 5 or 6 years ago, I've fallen in love with purses that have magazine or book covers as their design.

    I've just stumbled upon two on eBay with a very similar retro style design -- here and here. I really love both and would like to find more similar purses.

    Does anyone have any idea who makes these purses, or of anyone who makes similar ones? Also, do purses with magazine or book covers as their design have a particular name as a group? It's hard to Google when I'm not completely sure what to call them.

    Thank you in advance. :smile:
  2. Hello, and welcome to The Purse Forum.

    I've been hoping to get feedback myself on Icon bags, which feature classic and pop art as a theme (

    As far as the magazine and book-cover purses go, these are wildly popular the crowd which shares my transit to work, as are the record-cover bags (vintage vinyl), which Overstock has had a few of recently at good prices.

    Hope that helps! :P
  3. General Joy:

    First off Welcome. I just joined.found this place about 4 days ago. Back to the purses. The 2 purses you found on ebay are similar to the ones made by Maddie Powers. Maddie Powers - "I must have this woman."

    I ahve not found or seen another designer who has these in person. I hope this helps.