Mag covers: Supermodels or Actresses? Any faves?

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  1. While models have traditionally graced the covers of magazines, over recent years the trend has changed to actresses or actress/models.

    However, certain magazines in Australia have reported being fed up with the image of some actresses so have reverted to using models again for their covers, as they reason that the model image has become more inspiring to readers than actresses who have gone off the rails.

    In the 90's, I remember being inspired by models such as Renee Simonsen and Paulina. I also like what they've done with their lives subsequent to modelling. Currently, I look to Kate Moss for fashion inspiration, and also respect the fact that she has achieved so much (and continued to achieve) without being untrue to herself or 'giving in' to the fashion machine. Of course it would have 'looked better' if she dropped Pete D. immediately after various scandals, but she dropped him in her own time.

    I also like Lily Donaldson & how she pieces together her wardrobe.

    Just wondering who you are inspired by? Who do you enjoy seeing and reading about in magazines?

    Just curious is all... :heart: sues
  2. I like models! I am sick of celebreties on the cover and in ads, I want models! I like Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington. I miss the supermodel days!
  3. I agree! I think everyone's roles have been moved in the wrong direction. Singers/rappers/rockstars have taken over the big and little screen, forcing actors & actresses to take on the roles of models... but where does that leave models?
  4. I understand where the models are coming from. Magazines covers (and beauty endorsements) are I guess how they really get recognized as household names. But then again Tyra, Gisele, Heidi, and the rest have tried their hand at acting. But maybe that was after the fact??

    I want to see whoever I'm a fan of. For me it tends to be more actresses and musicians. That being said if a model is on the cover, and I'm a fan of that magazine, I'm still going to buy it.
  5. I like models on the cover of fashion magazines.
  6. I do wonder what happened to some of the models that used to frequent the covers so often. Amy Wesson used to be big but it was reported that she had a big heroin problem. Wonder what she's doing now? Her name rarely comes up on the net...