Mae Tote

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  1. So plain yet so nice looking. Anyone seen one IRL? How's the leather? Love the fact that it's reversible!
  2. I have only seen it on eBay and it looks so comfy! I love the idea of the reversible totes, a great way to get two colours!
  3. There's one that's Dove and lilac inside. Both great colours, so hard to buy things online when you can't see anything in person
  4. I saw that and there also dove and silver, but the dove/likac would be my prefered combo as I don't think I would use the silver as much as lilac.
  5. I saw it in store and it's really nice. The leather is very soft and squishy. If the price drops low enough, I may snatch one up....[emoji3]
  6. With the additional 20% off, it's $178 right now at Macy's.

  7. Awesome that's what I want. I don't want a structured tote. And love that it's 2 bags in one with reversing it! I think I may get the dove/lilac or black/acorn.

  8. Tempting.....[emoji3]
  9. I'm eyeballing the new Emry tote. It is not reversible, but has leather pockets on the inside...
  10. Stephg, I don't notice much difference in the Mae and Izzy. There is no sagging and I carry mine fully loaded. I sold tons of bags and this is my all time favorite. I have in several colors and would have more if more colors were available. I tried posting a picture but am having computer issues. I tried to PM you but not sure it went through, so sorry.
  11. i'm curious about the mae tote, just recently ordered one online and can't wait to get my hands on it. I have ordered a black/camel combo colour for myself :biggrin:

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  12. Will be such a versatile bag for you :smile:
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