1. Ladies, I'm still new and getting the hang of this.. so please if you have any recommendations.. let me know.. but I thought this merits a thread unless there's a special place in the PF for this..

    H bags sell so quick I figure I should post this ASAP.
    I was just at the Madrid store.. if anyone's traveling..
    there's :
    -the MOST beautiful - total Grace Kelly type- Toile & cuir Kelly bag in that white leather toile H combo ( think it was a 32cm) - I have it in a Birkin, I LOVE that combo !!

    (BTW I was so floored by everything they had I can't remember all and they wouldn't let me take pics... have to get one of those phones with a camera next time:graucho: )

    -a Black 35 cm Birkin in a totally new leather called Swift- which to the old timers like myself who remember it, is like a resurected Gulliver- I LOVE gulliver BUt already own a Black 35 cm Birkin in Togo so it's overkill.. and I resited buying it.

    - a Rouge H Birkin 35 too- just like the one Jodie Foster had in "the Inside Man" except hers was gold hdw, and this one's silver.
    -a blue jean travel size Birkin - soooo cool! But you'd need your SO or DH to carry it for you:graucho: , prob. very heavy

    - the most GORGEOUS Black Croc HAC!!:heart: A big one too.. looked like a 36 cm or something! I didn't ask...

    - Plumes Galore.. they had a white one with I think it was Blue jean trim around it.. as I said.. you know how you cna get dizzy at hermes when they have nice things? ok, that was the situation.. I was giddy & tired.. and couldn't see straigh with so many great peices!!!:supacool:
    OH and the best part was the window!!!! ( again I regret not having a camera- for all Kelly fans, they had this Ferris Wheel with a different pastel colored Kelly hanging on each level of the wheel. SO pretty!!!!)

    Anyway I placed an order- bought some RTW and resisted buying a bag since they were all pretty close to things I already own.. but I wanted to share it with the PF.

    That's what we do here right? :s As I said, I'm new.. so please counsel me.

    Oh, and then the Airport Hermes stand had THE most beautiful Trim!! OMG it was one of those two tone, toile & Cuir ones looked like a 31cm YUM! Love toile & cuir, and they had a coupld of Plumes too.. but at that point I was late for m y flight and literally RUNNNNING to the gate.
  2. oooooohhhhhhh, my friend just came back from spain and got herself a new birkin 35 in that white leather/toile combo with PH (like your's). and that's the kelly version that's left there!

    that store does have a lot of kelly/birkins running around......while she was there (about 3 wks ago) there also was the taupe one (etoupe?) birkin bought by someone else.

    madrid H fans, better rush in!
  3. wow!!! so many birkins in one place!
  4. GREAT report. Thanks! Wish I was there to soak it all up in person!
  5. thanks for the report!!! I WISH I WAS IN MADRID! i would totally buy that birkin! =/ how much does it cost there?
  6. Yo quiero todo ! why am i not in madrid !!!!:nuts:
  7. any black box souple kelly bags in 25 with gold hardware?:nuts: :nuts:
    if yes, you just tell them to tuck it aside - my dh is going there next week.
    (no, i'm not technically ready, but hoping that dh would be foolish and impulse if the perfect bag were right in front of him:graucho:)
  8. Oh, how exciting! I will be in Madrid in November...hope inventory remains impressive! Just told DH that I would not be able to leave town without that Rouge Birkin...he is now nervous about Madrid. LOL...
  9. Why am I not in Madrid?? A Rouge H 35 cm?? I would totally take that... aagh, so close to my dream bag in my signature!
  10. I wonder if I told my husband I was just going out to get some...olives..he'd be suspicious if I took my passport along and came back a week later with a new Birkin (and of course some spanish olives)
  11. Great reporting! Hmm, I think your post may have just helped Spain's tourism industry, lol!
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: Cute! Don't forget your credit card!
  13. hmm never been to madrid.. its time for little planning!
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