"Madras" line is now on Dooney.com!

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    what do you think??
  2. Hmmmm, I love .... the annalisa that is on the side in under "favorites" when you click the first pic!! Gorgeous soft looking hobo fron DB! Not crazy about the madras, but I can see someone rocking it for summer.
  3. i don't like it. i did see a bag called "weiner" in i think teen vogue and it looks cute and i think emma roberts created it. i also saw a nice zebra bag from dooney in lucky.
  4. I think they are tacky. Looks like a bag I carried to school when I was like 10.
  5. i just like the tote but just as a fun summer bag. i like dooney's leather more...not so much into fabrics, etc.
  6. not cute. i love dooney. not cute.
  7. I like the Large Safari bag..if I were GOING on a safari, I'd buy it immediately. :smile:
  8. Maybe down here in Florida you could get away with it...Kinda cute but not at all my type of bag.
  9. I f you went on safari with that bag, the lions will have no trouble spotting you. Not sure you'd want that.:graucho:
  10. It's just too bright and flashy for my taste.
  11. Ehm... not for me, sorry.
  12. i usually like Dooney, but I don't like this design. I don't think it was a very creative way to use color. They didn't need to jump on the patchwork bandwagon at all.
  13. I don't care for this one.
  14. i relooked at it when i got a new monitor, i don't hate it as much as i thought i did... i would probably carry something little, stashed away in a nice leather something lol ;) :yes: teehee
  15. its ok, though it kinda looks like a bag form american eagle.