Madonna's next in line just like VB's Legs

  1. Ok her arms are just plain gross. Too muscular for my taste. :weird:
  2. OMG, my husband *wishes* he had guns like hers!!!
  3. Possibly photoshop? It looks a little fake.

    By the way, those pics of VB's leg were definitley photoshopped. Badly.
  4. madonnas hands are def. veiny.....I have seen many pictures of them. Her arm? WHo knows if that's real, it looks odd.
  5. Madonna is cut....and beautiful.....I wish my fat arms looked like hers.
  6. ^^^ OMG!!! Me too!!! I only WISH I had enough willpower to diet and exercise like Madonna does! The woman is turning 50 :shocked: for crying out oud! She looks FANTASTIC!!!:tup:

    4.jpg 43hzp7b.jpg 2m7gpde.jpg
  7. I love Madonna but her arms are scary!
  8. Being in shape is one thing, but arms looking like that for a female at any age is not the most attractive.
  9. gross!!
  10. Daily Mail is busy lately with their pics. LOL Obviously that is photoshopped!
  11. Ok, here's the (or a) deal.

    I'm thin, aging, have veins in my hands and arms as well. Also, I have always been very naturally muscular. My dh asked me to stop working out because my arms and legs get very muscular very easily (He doesn't like it). I have guns right now and haven't lifted a weight in years.

    They could be photoshopped, I usually can't tell, but if I lifted as much as she did, I bet my arms would look just like that.
  12. I'm such a dork...God help me if my dh would have walked in while snapping these photos!!:nuts:

    Ok....just for $hits and giggles, I've attached some pics so you can see what I'm talking about. I'm not as old as Madonna, but I bet in a few I might look like that. I REFUSE to take pics of my veins. A gal's got to have some pride. ;)

    Now, if I was holding a heavy plastic sack or the such, I would look strained like hers...but didn't want to gross you out anymore.

    Unlike Madonna, I will cry if someone calls my naturally veiny/muscular/aged arm ugly. I can call it that...but you can't!:rolleyes: (and excuse the tee, I've decided to be in pj's all day!)
    new ebay and arms 044.JPG new ebay and arms 045.JPG
  13. Mshel, I have the same thing with my arms.

    I stopped lifting weight like 3 years ago and they're still muscley!!!! If I gain a bit of weight, they look bulky and I feel chubby so I have to be careful how much I exercize.

    However, seeing your photos has made me srealize they're not THAT bad!!! Especially as you grow older... well, I'd rather have "men's arms" (as my dad puts it) then bingo wings LOL
  14. A good friend of mine calls her arms 'kimono arms'! ha!