Madonna's new video

  1. Have you seen Madonna's video for "Sorry"??? Did you see her rolling/fighting on the floor? Her body looks amazing. I wish I could have a link to her video but not sure how to find one!
  2. I must say that she doesn't look like any 40+ people I know!!!:shocked:
  3. Wow...she likes those suits. I actually like the song though.
  4. I saw this video a few months ago in LQ. I find all her foriegn words of Sorry kinda silly, but damn does she look for her age!
  5. Any time!:biggrin: LOVE the video and a HUGE Madonna fan!!! I am still hoping they will add the Toronto date to her current tour!!!
  6. I love her too! I saw her at Madison Square Garden on her last tour! She is FABULOUS and always will be!!! :love:
  7. I can't wait to see her June 10 in Phoenix!!
  8. I want to look like her when im 40!
  9. she is burying and puttin aside all those stars that everyone said were going to replace her (britney, christina)
  10. Madonna!! my first crush. *sigh*
  11. Modonna = Timeless Superstar!!!