Madonna's New Look

  1. [​IMG]
    Looking the business: Madonna on her own
    Stepping out after a sumptuous dinner, Madonna looks every inch the groomed superstar.

    Dressed in an elegant beige safari suit with her glossy hair tied back, the singer turned heads as she left Claridge's in London on Saturday night.
    One onlooker said, "She looked very smart as she left the hotel, and seemed cheerful."
  2. [​IMG]
    Dressed down : With David in Malawi
  3. I like her new hair cut but she is starting to look old and burnt out to me.
  4. I don't like it. She looks better blonde and wavy. I think it ages her.
  5. I am not feeling it either.:s
  6. I don't like the color, the cut might have more potential with a different hair color
  7. OMG! Her poor hands in the 2nd pic with David.
  8. I love the cut, not the color.
  9. her face is just looking much, much too gaunt.

    Being slim in your late forties ages you so very much. She needs to gain abit of weight to sort out the hollows of her face imo
  10. Not feeling it. Cute baby!
  11. Oh my
  12. Love the pants, don't like the cut of the jacket. Not very flattering to her body.
  13. Wow that is a drastic new look. She looks nice but I do prefer the old look better- makes her look approachable and more relaxed.
  14. Same here.
  15. I still have to see more pics of her to decide... hmm