Madonna's library pics

  1. Are those from VF? GORGEOUS!!!:nuts: I LOVE the old look!:love:
  2. awwww interesting picture! i love old pictures too:yes: she looks great:love:
  3. Wish someone would photograph me like that and do some mean airbrushing as well! Gotta love it and I think I could use a bit myself.
  4. great pics...thank for sharing..
    Love that mice..
  5. beautiful piccies.
    She has so had some new work done ;)
  6. she looks great!
  7. wow!!!!!!! she looks GREAT!
  8. I :heart: the library. Where can I get one like that?:smile:
  9. Best she's ever looked!!
  10. Those pics are beautiful!!!
  11. Love the pics! She is gorgeous!
  12. Those pictures look great! I like how she's in a library.
  13. Great pics...thanks for sharing. She is amazing! The body of a 25 year old!