Madonna's Confessions Tour

  1. So I was apartment hunting in Toronto last week (I found one, by the way!) and I saw a poster advertising Madonna's tour. (It said Madonna. It didn't say Confessions, but it was in the same font used on the Confessions poster.) The date said sometime in November.

    But the only Canadian dates she had on her tour were June 21 - 22, when she was in Montreal.

    (Why would she play Montreal and not Toronto? I REALLY wanted a ticket for an early birthday present!)
  2. Go to for any questions you may have about the tour. She just announced that she will not be performing in Austrailia due to her children's school schedule in England so Japan will be the last stop. I had to fly from Seattle to Phoenix to attend her concert and was surrounded by similar fans who drove or flew great distances to see her. I strongly recommend you attend one of her will not be dissapointed!
  3. I've seen video clips. Trust me . . . I want to see this show!