Madonna´s concert in Denmark last night !-pict-

  1. I had such a GREAT TIME !!!!:yahoo:
    Well yes, she was singing a bit off key at some point, yes you had to be lucky to actually be close enough to the stage to not see her only on the massive screens, but I was....:tender: it´s my DIVA, ICON I:heart: her !!
    I was worried at first how on earth they would manage 85000 people in a tiny danish town ????(I was told it was the biggest amount of people to any concert she´d done ?) but everything went smooth.
    I was really surprised by how much political stuff she got into, and I was wondering if she said the same at her US concerts ?
    well......"F:censor: Bush", "Bush is a W:censor: " etc..., etc...
    And she played the classics of my 80´s childhood.....:love:
    Here are some pict for you ! Please share your opinions !
    madonna1.JPG madonna2.jpg
  2. wow, you had fantastic views. Well done.

    Yep, the London concerts were also controversial in the political comments that she made! but thats Madonna for you, you just know she is going to say something!!

    glad you had a great night, she puts on a fab show doesnt she :biggrin:
  3. Great photos..thanks for sharing. SHe looks really good, physically, for her age. I've never been to one of her concerts but she probably puts on a great concert. Love her music!
  4. Madonna has always been one of my favorites too. These pictures are great!!! You must have had great seats. Thanks for sharing your great night with us.
  5. wow, that's so cool.. i wish i am able to watch her concerts too, except no one will go with me.. heheh.. but she has been so vocal politically.. so sometimes, ........ well, i guess that is her trademark...
  6. You are soo lucky to see her in concert!! You must have had fantastic seats!! She does have great music!
  7. I liked her in the '80s but for me just let's say the flower has lost its bloom. IMO she needs to get over herself. I sure did.
  8. sweet congrats. she totally rocks.
  9. I know everybody loves Madonna! I cannot stand her! America is land of the free which affords her the freedom to say whatever she wants, where ever she wants. I hate the war and I too wish it was over but, for the time being Madonna needs to have some compassion for the soldiers and their familys. Has she ever thought about saying "F the War" to the faces of the people and their families currently deployed in Iraq!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I say F Madge, pseudo *&%#$ Tra#$"
  10. Great pics! wow, look at her legs...
  11. I'm glad you had a great time. Unforutnately, material girl ain't coming down to OZ. :sad:
  12. :roflmfao: Ditto!
  13. Congrats! I like her stuff, especially the older ones.
  14. I love her! She is a total DIVA!
  15. It is possible to fully support the troops but in no way support the war. That's me right there. I'm hoping and praying the troops get home safely to their families, but do I think for one minute the war was a good idea or consider it a necessary war? No. Not at all.

    (Maybe if she had said she supported the troops, you wouldn't be as offended?)