1. you remember to one of the award shows she carried that little chanel clutch that was in shape of a tape? i saw it on sale for over 1k in the woodbury commons outlet. it didnt look at great as it did on her imo, cause its plastic and i guess its lackluster failed to impress me for whatever reason its in the outlet, but just wanted to let you ladies know.:blush:
  2. ohh thanks for the heads up! what else did they have at the outlets?
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  3. some jewerly, the sports wear was on sale, a couple of flaps, nothing that really grabbed my attention except this blue sports jacket..but lol i'd feel stupid wearing a chanel jacket as i get all sweaty and gross..its like doing an injustice!!
  4. mostly some costume jewelery in the cases. and some of the wallets in that pink.
  5. they had the black one and the clear one.
  6. I went to woodbury outlet yesterday, so disappointed there was nothing much there. One time i went there (around two months ago), chanel slippers and shoes are 50-100 dollar.. Socute and cheap!!
  7. Thanks aarti and mini for the stock info!

    I wish I was in NY =(
  8. I love those Chanel cassette and book clutches! They're really unique. I don't have an outlet here I can see them IRL though. How I wish!!
  9. I saw that the other day when I was at the outlet. Personally, I didn't like cassette clutch at all. No, they didn't have much. They did have some nice wallets. I saw some earrings I liked, but they were clip-ons. UGH!!
  10. the cassette clutch sounds cute!

    are there any other outlets besides the one in ny?
  11. My SA offered me the cassette clutch when it came out, but I opted to pass because the classic flap attracted me more. But I think it is so funky and cute, so that's why it's my avatar.:amuse:
  12. you know where madonna likes to party? CLUB BAGNSHOO!
  13. I was thinking of going to Woodbury to check it out, glad I didn't waste my time. Thanks.
  14. oohh, i went to woodbury commons too, and saw the same two clutches (the black and the white cassette)!
    they did have a coral pouchette thingy but nothing much else in the way of bags.
  15. Does anyone have a picture?