Madonna's Childrens Ex Nanny Writing A "Tell All" Book

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  1. 12th March 2007

    Madonna insists on complete silence at home when sleeping, it has been claimed.
    Melissa Dumas - who claims to have been the singer's nanny between 2005 and 2006 and is publishing a tell-all book - will reveal the super-strict household rules in the tome.

    Dumas said: "Madonna won't allow anybody to make noise in the house while she's sleeping - not even running water for showers."
    Dumas claims to have lived in four of Madonna's homes with her and her children - ten-year-old Lourdes and six-year-old Rocco - and adhered to her strict rules which includes a complete ban on all television, newspapers and magazines, and a severe dietary regime.

    Dumas has sold the rights for her book - tentatively titled 'Live To Tell: My Life as Madonna's Nanny' - to America's Crown publishers

    Los Angeles literary agent Sharlene Martin confirmed "a strong six-figure pre-emptive sale of the book."
    It will be co-written by a ghostwriter and fast-tracked for publication in September.
  2. Lawd ha'mercy! I've heard Madonna say that in interviews that she doesn't let her kids watch TV, etc. Big deal. Her house, her rules. Madonna herself was raised in a strict household, so I ain't too surprised. If she was all that miserable working for Madonna, why stick around? Quit dummy! (I don't mean to be so :cursing: . It's the PMS talkin'). Get another job! Learn to type! There are alternatives. Did Madonna put a gun to her head and make her stay? Did Madge call old buddy Naomi to see who could pick up the most points for bustin' her in the head with small mobile electronic devices? The only thing that surprises me about this story is that Madonna didn't make her sign a confidentiality agreement... :confused1:
  3. I won't care to read it :shrugs:

    Everyone wants to make a $
  4. I find it surprising that Madonna doesn't make her employees sign a privacy contract, she is a pretty smart woman so I wouldn't be surprised if the Nanny ends up getting sued by Madonna
  5. Yup, I wouldn't be surprised if Madonna and/or her lawyers find a way to block the release of the book. Girlfriend didn't get this far by not being a brilliant business woman.
  6. Wow. Be careful who to trust if you're a celeb
  7. eeeh
  8. God..all this for money..I wouldn't even bother paying to read this.
  9. What's the big deal? I don't like noise when I'm sleeping either. We also eat a 'strict' diet in our home-----organic mostly, limit sugar etc... I also restrict my childrens television viewing. That's what good parents do I
    Is this book material??? LOL.... What a bore! I won't buy it.....
  10. The Nanny said she wasn't given a privacy document to sign UNTIL she quit and by then, she didn't want to fill out the forms. I wonder, if not being given the paperwork at the beginning of her employment, was an oversight on M's part?

    I suppose Madonna, being so wealthy, could pay the woman off... to not write the book. If she wants to keep her privacy, I think she should do that.

    About the "complete ban on all television, newspapers and magazines"... I guess she doesn't want her kids to read anything negative about her in the press. Madonna has a very interesting past and articles and pictures still get printed all the time. I wonder what her kids know about her?
  11. it's so hard to find good help these days.
  12. Maybe there isn't all that much to tell. It's no wonder many celebs get paranoid--they never know who they can trust and who is getting close just to make a buck.
  13. exactly!
  14. Nobody messes with my diva !! Don't forget March 22 the new Madonna clothing and accessory line launches at H&M (except Hong Kong which got the collection in this week). I love Madonna!!
  15. :sleepy: