Madonna's Adoption Drama

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  1. 17th October 2006

    [​IMG] Madonna's adopted baby David Banda arrives at Heathrow (top). Later today Madonna headed out to her gym in London (bottom)

    His life in London began today as it surely will continue.

    Covered by a hood to hide his face from a prying world, surrounded by photographers and provided with an escort of flak-jacketed police, Madonna's would-be adopted baby arrived in the full glare of public attention.

    Thirteen-month-old David Banda flew in to Heathrow first class from Johannesburg and no sooner had he touched down than he had his first taste of what life will be like with one of the world's biggest stars.
    The team bringing him in - a nanny, bodyguard and other aides - dodged reporters at Terminal 1 arrivals hall before driving off in a silver Mercedes people carrier.

    But they could not avoid all the photographers and camera crews, and today these pictures - of an innocent clinging for solace to his nanny, utterly ignorant of the fuss surrounding him - will flash around the world as the controversy over the adoption rages.

    For the legal arguments are far from over. So far Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie have been granted an interim adoption order and David has been issued with a passport and visa.

    But they have only been given temporary custody for 18 months, and after that anything can happen.

    For now David needs a home, and as of this morning that is Madonna's house in London. Just before 8am the people carrier with blacked-out windows raced into the rear garage of the property near Marble Arch.

    Photographers swarmed around the vehicle as a rear gate was opened.

    The child was put on a private jet from Malawi to South Africa yesterday afternoon after the courts issued the travel documents.

    A passenger who sat next to the baby and his minders in first class said: "The baby was happy and laughing and was just so sweet. He looks very healthy and is absolutely adorable.

    The first thing I noticed about him was just how cute he was. I think they will make a great family." The American woman in her thirties said the baby, who was dressed in blue denim shorts, a white shirt and trainers, was put in an adult-sized grey hooded jacket before being taken off the plane.

    Now safely ensconced inside Fortress Madonna, David's material needs will be more than satisfied.

    But his would-be adoptive mother has her own needs too, and today the Madonna publicity machine began the task of overcoming the doubts of a sometimes sceptical world.

    A seven-page spread in Hello! offers pictures of what the magazine describes as Madonna's "emotional trip to Malawi" - and poignant talk of the bond that has already been forged between adoptive mother and child.

    According to the writer J Randy Taraborrelli - Madonna's biographer - when she phoned her parents in Michigan to give them the news that she was being allowed to take David home she said: "It's so worth it. He's just the best little baby ever. Guy and I have never been happier."

    Madonna left Malawi on Friday following a week-long visit to orphanages there - the same day that human rights groups filed court documents asking a judge to review the adoption amid claims it had been fast-tracked.

    Human rights groups claim the authorities may be bending the rules in return for the singer pledging $3million (£1.6million) to help children in Malawi.

    Boniface Mandere, of Eye Of The Child, a local child protection society involved in the challenge, said: "The court seems to have made a decision based on Madonna's wealth.

    "But being a good parent is not about money.
    It is about caring, having heart, it's about love."

    Malawi law requires would-be parents to live in the country for a year while social welfare officers investigate their ability to care for the child. Foreigners are not allowed to adopt children - but these rules appear to have been waived in Madonna's case.

    Justin Dzonzi, a lawyer for the human rights groups challenging the adoption, said they were not against Madonna adopting a child.

    "But we are concerned that the correct procedures be followed and that our laws to protect children are not undermined - and our law is very clear that there is no inter-country adoption," he said. Mr Dzonzi stressed that the adoption was not yet final.

    The star's spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, said: "The interim adoption grants David's new parents temporary custody for 18 months, during which time they will be evaluated by the courts of Malawi per the tribal customs of the country."

    A consortium of human rights organizations is protesting the adoption, charging that the Malawi government bent the rules to allow Madonna to foster David outside the country.

    The Human Rights Consultative Committee had planned to seek an injunction Monday halting the adoption, but postponed the move, saying it wanted to interview an uncle of David's who opposed the adoption, the BBC reports.
  2. Wow...what a change of life now. Lucky little boy and I wish him and his new family all the best!
  3. Seem like adoption has become an "IT" thing in hollywood!
  4. I don´t know what is causing such controversy ?
    It´s good that she will give a good home to that child. And she gave millions of $$ to the country to build an Orphanage.
  5. Aww he's such a cutie! I wish them all the best.
  6. The controversy is that she adopted the kid from a country that doesn't allow international adoption. She basically threw enough money at the country until they said okay. I have a huuuuuuuuuuge problem with that. I'm all for adoption, I think it's great that she wants to extend her family, but she really should have gone to a country that allows for international adoption instead of using her celebrity power to get what she wanted.

    She's done the exact opposite of what Angelina Jolie does- Angelina plays by the rules of adoption-choosing countries that allow for international adoption & going through the process the way that other families have to (although they definitely speed up the process for her).

    Madonna has basically said, "I'm a celebrity, I want a kid, how much money is it going to take to make you give me one."

    That looks bad for the international adoption community on the whole, and really helps naysayers & anti-adoption people prove their point that adoption is just buying a child.
  7. ^ That's weird that there's actually anti- adoption people.
  8. Yeah, it's like the new "thing". If you google anti-adoption, you'll see what I'm talking about. It's completely ridiculous & they feed on what Madonna's doing right now.
  9. ITA, how can giving a child a home and millions to help other children be a bad thing ???
  10. I love madonna and Ive just been on about this on a madonna forum. I do not agree that this is right. There are so many children in England that she could have adopted and there would have been no fuss.
  11. I just have to add....sometimes, you can't help to whom you bond's like falling in love...

    If she felt she made a connection with a child, and she has the means to make it happen, I say more power to her....

    I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason, in this case the orphanage was really needed....and this was the way for them to get the $$$

  12. Everything happens for a reason, is all well and good (and I'm definitely not saying Madonna should give the child back, that would be cruel), but she's basically re-enforced every negative stereotype about Africa & adoption that there is.

    Almost the entire continent has a huge problem with corruption. Madonna just contributed to that because she bent the government to her will to get what she wanted. Many African countries have problems with the government taking bribes-whether or not she wants to admit it, that's just want Madonna did in the form of her "donation." A real donation doesn't hinge on the fact that you're getting a kid out of the deal.

    Love didn't lead Madonna to Malawi. She purposely picked a weak country so that she could do what she wanted to do. She could have adopted from any one of these countries International Adoptions and yet she chose a country were international adoption is not allowed, and had the rules broken just for her. What's to stop other people with less than noble intentions from trying to do the same? And I say this as a big fan of hers.

    You have to look at the big picture here. Not "yay, she's rich, she'll take care of the kid. Love is love." You have to look at the huge negative impact this is going to have on adoption & on how people will continue to see Africa as a place where money can buy you anything-including once again- people.
  13. I guess we will have to just agree to disagree....with so many options open, why wouldn't she just take the path of least you said there are many other places to adopt from without the hassle and negativity....why go through all of that if you did't fell you had to, ie bonded with the child.

    Again, JMHO....
  14.'s the thing. It would be nice to think that only Africa has a huge corruption problem. Let's be realistic here. Show me one country where there is none.

    Why won't Malawi allow for international adoption? Are there plenty of people in Malawi who will adopt all their orphaned children?

    I'm not a big fan of Madonna's but I can't hold her up against Angelina who IMO also fast-tracks her adoptions.
  15. I am bothered by the fact that she flew back w/o him in the first place. Why, if he is he child & she has such a strong bond with him that she needed to adopt immediatly & defy the laws of the country, would she just leave without him? Why did the assistant stay, yet madge couldn't? He seems more like an accessory to her than a child to love.
    The whole thing reeks, children are not tools for forwarding a cause or garnering publicity she should have stayed & waited with her new child...if she really loved him.