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    Last updated at 23:45pm on 4th April 2008

    As Madonna approaches 50, it appears reinvention now requires a little digital trickery.

    The pop star has debuted her latest raunchy incarnation in a clip for her new single 4 Minutes, but it seems she has turned to soft focus, gentle lighting and perhaps a little airbrushing to get her look just right.

    In the sci-fi inspired video, Madonna strips down to a skimpy corset in front of Justin Timberlake, who is almost half her age at 26.

    Her flesh-coloured outfit is not unlike the infamous Jean Paul Gautier basque she wore in Express Yourself in 1989 and if the clip is to be believed, she has barely aged a day in the two decades in between.

    Madonna also trade moves - and a kiss - with Timberlake in front of a giant clock performing a four-minute countdown.

    The two dance around on car bonnets, along a grocery moving checkout counter, in a bedroom.

    The video was filmed in London two months ago and was directed by French wunderkinds Jonas and François.

    Of the new clip, Madonna said only: "Goody goody gum drops."
    The pulsating track, which was originally titled Four Minutes to Save the World, is the first single is off Madonna's latest album, Hard Candy, which will be released on April 29.


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  2. I'm not sure I see the point of the article. The video is not out of character for Madonna at all, regardless of whether people think it is in good taste or not. This is what she does.And who would NOT want to look their best? Celebrities are airbrushed and fixed and retouched in magazine spreads, advertisements and any other media they can control. If someone offered me the benefit of those things, I certainly wouldn't turn it down! Why would she choose harsh lighting or intense focus that would show wrinkles on a 25 year old, let alone a 50 year old? Everyone does what they can to look their best, and this is no different. Airbrushed or not, I'd be more than pleased if I looked like her at age 50!
  3. I totally agree with you.

    To tell you the truth, I just wanted an excuse to post the pictures!
  4. I love Madonna - airbrushed or not! I think she looks simply amazing in this video and the song is very catchy. Can't wait for her album to come out!!!
  5. Remember the reports of what the video would contain?

    I wouldn't have put it past Madonna to do a dominatrix video (although she already did one - for Human Nature) but I didn't consider Justin. Somehow I don't think he'd want to be in that type of video.
  6. She is doing what is normal in her business. More power to her. She is still pressing buttons to try to shock. I do think she does look a bit freaky plastic surgery way in a few pictures. You can see she had work done.......not necessary saying it is good. Her first picture looks horrible.
  7. ITA, I love the song and I think she looks great. I saw clips of the video, I love that she worked with Justin, Timbalajd and Pharrel on this album. Sounds interesting.
  8. I really like her,and she has always pushed the limits of her look and employed anything and everything for her image as a performer,and made no secret of the fact she experiments with different types of filming,looks,lighting,make-up and costumes to promote her image as a performer,whichever look she is portraying at that time.
    I think thats cool,and God would I love to look like her at 50!!!
  9. she looks amazing for het age!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The only thing that bothers me about this video is Justin Timberlake. Aside from my personal dislike for him, I don't understand why he is ALWAYS in raunchy videos. Some people would suggest he's compensating :rolleyes:
  11. she's looking good.
  12. Madonna has looked good at any age and still does!
  13. Okay, im 20 and i dont look as good. HAHAHA.
  14. this is crazy!!

    MADONNA is to sign the most lucrative contracts of her career – playing two gigs in Dubai for £12.5MILLION.
    It’s the kind of money that makes DAVID BECKHAM look like a YTS boy at LA Galaxy.

    The Queen Of Pop is finalising negotiations on a deal to finish her forthcoming world tour in the oil-rich Arab state in November.

    By my calculations, if one of the gigs – for which she will get £7.5million – runs to 90 minutes she will pocket a staggering £83,333 a minute.

    That’s a pretty impressive pay day by any standards.

    And if that wasn’t enough, she is also in talks to perform at a private party for a mystery punter while she is out there which will earn her another £5million.

    My Madge man told me: “Madonna is about to break another record by playing the most lucrative concert of her whole career – or anyone’s career for that matter.

    “The negotiations for the tour to stop in Dubai in November are being finalised and she will get £7.5million for the one show only. The figure is so big because of her new contract with Live Nation and the huge funds available from private promoters in Dubai.”

    Madge signed to the company for £60million last autumn.

    My source added: “She is also close to agreeing to play at a private party in Dubai, the first in her career.”

    If Madge sticks to her confession in a recent interview, she won’t be settling for a bottle of champers and a bunch of flowers in her dressing room as payment.

    She said she wouldn’t perform at a private bash for less than £5million. All in all it looks like Madge is on a nice little earner.

    The deal will have top music figures queuing up for a piece of the action. How long before SIR ELTON JOHN is doing a residency?

    Madge’s new bosses at Live Nation are keen for this not to be a one-off and are already in the process of brokering similar deals with other massive bands.


    Millions of Pounds on offer for just one gig – shouldn’t be too hard to get them signed up.

    Forget Glasto mud, let’s all go to Dubai for music in guaranteed sunshine.
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