Madonna ................

  1. Madonna is planning to reform the famous lesbian act in the 2003 MTV Awards. But this time, it won't be with Britney n Christina.
    This time she'll be doing it with Lindsay Lohan n Jessica Simpson....
    I wonder how .....
    By the way, do you like this whole "lesbian" idea ....
    I think it would be very hot...........
    I'll be waiting for this one ...............



  2. Modonna is smart; I'll tell you why. It's not a lesbian thing at all. It's about viability and staying relevant. When Madonna did it with Britney and Christina, they were the two most popular young pop stars at that time. By interacting with them, Madonna reached to their fan base as well. She maintained a level of recognizability to the younger demographic. She's doing the same thing again, this time with the two pop stars that are the most popular right now, namely Lindsay and Jessica. So the young kids buying their music will be buying Madonna's as well. This way she will make an impact in all age demographics.
    Like I said, she's a smart woman.
  3. I'll be surprised if it really happens. . . she seems like she could come up w/ new material. . .

    what does Papa Joe think about that!?
  4. Madonna ROCKS (regardless of whom she chooses to make out with!)!!!
  5. The whole lesbian act is getting a little old, in my humble opinion...
  6. Oh p'uleeeeeeeeezzzzz......
  7. Personally, it makes me want to gag, but I am sure my husband will enjoy it!
  8. I love Madonna! She was the first album (yes...a real record) that I bought at the tender age of 7. I am truly amazed that she is still here 22 years later! YOU GO GIRL!

    I don't know about LiLo though....does her music really sell?? If she wants to get the "hot" summer about Paris (she'll do anything for publicity) & Jessica?? LOL
    Plus...aren't LiLo and jessica feuding again?
  9. Oh everybody does the lesbian thing now...all the young girls in clubs and stuff made it the norm - not such a big deal anymore. BUT I do agree that she's reaching out to the fans of Lohan and Simpson by doing this. She is a VERY smart business woman that's for sure.
  10. I don't think it matters if Jess and LiLo like each other. . . Britney and Cristina have always hated each other as well. . . just adds to the drama that they all crave.
  11. Madonna is smart as a fox...and as buff as anyone half her age. She's all about marketing, which is the name of the game!
  12. I agree!:yes:

    She's always managed to stay in the public eye - if it's not for the well known scandalous and controversial book, it's for the latest rip-roaring concert with sexy, half naked backing dancers and wearing gold cones as a bra and not much else.
    Or dancing around in a leotard at the age of 45.

    Whatever she does, she knows what she's doing.
    And boy, IMO, does she still do it well!!!:wlae:
  13. ^^^So true!
  14. OMG!!! she's always trying to be rebellious and doing something different that it started to get all cliche. she'll do anything to be considered COOL and SEXY and whatever, i used to love her, but lately.. PUHLEASEEE... until when is she going to do this???
  15. Good golly, I agree. Seriously, nothing she will do can shock us anymore, so why even try? I think the most shocking thing she did in recent memory was actually put on a tea dress and write a children's book. Now THAT was unexpected!