Madonna the new face of Louis Vuitton ?

  1. This was on the Daily Mirror this morning... seems like everybody wants M. First Vercase, then H&M...

    Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley
    MADONNA will sing at a private party for Louis Vuitton - sparking rumours she is being lined up as the new face of the French fashion house.

    She will perform at a lavish company bash in Prague on September 8, the day after her concert in the Czech capital.

    Madge, 48, is already in hot demand after being snapped up to promote Swedish fashion chain H & M for a six-figure sum.

    She is a big fan of Louis Vuitton and is often seen sporting their signature handbags. The fashion house and Madonna's people were tight-lipped about a potential deal last night.

    But sources close to the star, who doesn't normally perform at private gigs, claim she is "very interested" in representing the label in some capacity.
  2. i read this too and was going to post it but i didnt know where to lol but hmmm interesting...
  3. i dont know, ....madonna?
  4. not too sure either...
  5. no offence but isnt she a little bit too old for LV i mean shes nearly 50 isnt she and LV usually uses like 20/30 year olds
  6. i'd rather see lourdes as the new face myself
  7. I would love madonna but thats only my opinion, but I think she has a great look
  8. i like madonna herself but not as the face of vuitton...for god sake she wears spandex and thinks she looks fabulous. NO ONE looks good in spandex i dont care who you are
  9. I think she'd be good for it if she gets chosen. I can picture the ads now and I think it'd look really classy. Plus it's a refreshing change to get someone her age.

  10. I don't know....I'm not a particular fan of Madonna as an LV model but....AGE shouldn't matter...I mean look at Uma she isn't 20 or 30. I think a classy 25-80 year old could be used. As long as they are a classic iconic symbol that represents LV in the appropriate way.
  11. I feel the same way I did when I heard that Demi Moore was doing the Versace campaign - I thought it was a horrible idea. But then when I saw the ads I LOVED them - very sexy, classy... Very Mrs. Robinson... Love her or hate her everything Madonna touches turns to gold, so I'm sure the ads will be fabulous!
  12. I agree! :yes:
  13. I'm definitly not fussed on the thought of Madonna being the new face of LV.
    Just compare her to Giselle, there is totally no comparison.
    IMO, Definitly not the right way to go for LV.
    Personally I don't see what all the constant hype is over Madonna.
  14. I hope so!!! I think she'll be great in the ads!!!:nuts:
  15. i'm just sick of madonna. I think Sophia Loren would be HOT or Catherine Deneuve..CLASSY older women. they can do a cross generational compaign.