Madonna on Today Show with her LV

  1. hi,
    Madonna got out of her car with an LV bag - did anyone see?
    Not sure which one - maybe someone else saw.

    If you did please post.

    (sorry if this is not in the Celebrety section but I do not have the pic. . .)
  2. I saw her too and logged on tPf to ask the same question. It looked yummy; hope someone here can help us.:wondering
  3. Do tell.
  4. It kinda looked like the Manhattan GM (at least from my glimpse) or soemthin else
  5. I saw someone in the background today carrying her bag for her before she went outside to talk to people on the street. It was the leopard Adele!!!!!!
  6. WTH - she can't even carry her own bag? I'll gladly take that baby off her hands for her!
  7. Yes, it was the leopard Adele she's been carrying around lately. If you watch the video on CNBC, in the end (at about 10 min and 20 sec into it) you can see a guy holding it.
  8. I love madge! :tender:

  9. maybe so she can have both her hands free to meet and greet? :confused1:
  10. ah, who cares! there was LEOPARD ADELLE involved! Yum!
  11. Any pics (hopefully)?
  12. Don't think this is from that day but here is one of her carrying it

    I guess she really likes it...
  13. ^Cool! Though IMO she'd look even better without the red jacket.
  14. I had the hardest time tryin to find it on CNBC...but found it right away on MSNBC
  15. Love Madonna. Love LV (not all) But still do not love this bag. Ordered it, had it and passed on it . . .