Madonna In My Face!

  1. Just got back from last night's show and omg, Madonna was 2 inches from my face when she sang Like A Virgin! I was in the first row of the side catwalk and I could see her hair roots (needed touching up), the saliva in her mouth...I held my arms out and screamed I love you and she looked me right in the eye and nodded her head yes as she kept was off the hook! The back up dancers were hanging off of a jungle gym on my stage and their sweat was all over the place...still in shock of being so close to my beloved diva!!!! Madonna's personal hunky body guard from Scotland came over to me and said I had the best seat in the house and boy he was right.
  2. lol wow! glad you had such a great time!!
  3. did she yell at y'all or tell y'all that you suck? LOL!
    I read that she's been pretty harsh on audiences that don't sing REALLY loud or dance the whole time!

    I'm a fan, I'd love to go see her!

    {but those reports are pretty disgusting!}
  4. yummy :shocked:
  5. How fun.
  6. The thing that struck me the first time I saw her is how TINY she is!
  7. I'd looove to go see her...especially with such perfect seats!!! Lucky you!
  8. OMG!!! I AM SO JEALOUS!!! CONGRATS!!! What a great story!!! I am still pissed (pardon my french) that she is not making a stop in Toronto.:sad:
  9. Woooo! Sounds amazing! I'm glad you had such an awesome time!!

    She's not getting close enough for me to make the trek, but the diva has earned her name.
    Not to mention "Sorry" makes me work out even harder when it switches on my ipod.
  10. WOW! That's awesome! What a great story!
  11. Swanky, she did go up the catwalk to a man who was not singing along when we were suppose to for "Hung Up" and she said EXCUSE ME SIR, WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR MONEY BACK? NOW GET UP AND SING MOTHER******!. Roo, you are correct, being so close to her I was surprised at how tiny she was...her face was very chiseled though and her eyes looked really big.
  12. Her eyes are gorgeous. The only way I can describe her in person is 'elfin' - in a good way though.
  13. oh my goodness, that would have been fab. I would love to go and see her perform live!
  14. Wow, great to hear you had a fab time!
  15. amazing, i love madonna