Madonna & H&M............

  1. A partnership between Madonna and global fashion retailer H&M. Swedish brand H&M has signed on to supply Madonna and her entire touring company (band, stage crew, dancers) with offstage wardrobes during her already-in-progress Confessions Tour.
    Madonna and some members of her entourage will appear in an H&M ad campaign that launches in August. At the same time, the retailer will begin selling a specially designed track suit that it created for her.

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  2. Wow, Madonna looks good in the 2nd pix. She looks like a matrix mom!
  3. sorry girls, but sometimes i found her boring... i'd prefer her with the stage when she's wearing evita-esque dress, it suited her more with her looks and, most importanly her age.
  4. she was in her 30`during evita wasn´t she? i think as long as it looks good age doesn´t matter.
  5. i was ok about her, in fact i adored her. but her last clip where she's in a tight gym suit and showing off her kaballa and yoga movement.. i was like, WHAT? and she was on teh dance floor with all the younger and honestly better street dancers, i just think that she lost it...
    her appearance on cannes with jpg's la ciccone bra was unforgettable though, it was just momental... :smile:
  6. Long live the Diva!!!!!!!!!! I will be first in line to buy her track suit in August.
  7. OMG!!! I can only wish I look as good as Madonna when I am her age!!! GO MADGE!!!:love: