Madonna goes to the beach fully clothed like old women should

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    She's not old at all, I don't see why she is acting like some sort of grandmother.
  2. Does it matter? :confused1:
  3. She could of just put on sunblock. You can see right through that top.
  4. Maybe she wants to hide her beautiful arms.

  5. ^ Beautiful? No way...
  6. she does this all the time...where is the shot of her wrapped up like a mummy from last year?
  7. Madonna has never been a sun-worshipper. Why start now? She may look ridiculous on the beach but she's got gorgeous skin for a 50 year old!:tup:
  8. Well IMO she isn't ancient but she is old and not very good looking (she has a freaky looking body, healthy for sure, but freaky).. I'm happy shes not on the beach showing it off haha
  9. I don't see anything wrong with protecting your skin from the sun, even if it means wearing clothes. I live on the beach and I don't go out without some sort of protection.
  10. OMG she's 50 now? She's a total cougar now!
  11. With the hat and all - I think shes being smart about UVB rays.
    She's close to 50 and is smokin hot!
  12. A bit much with all those clothes, I think an SPF of 50+ would have been fine as well to protect her from the sun
  13. Madonna has beautiful skin,you young gals better pray you look this good at 50.
  14. totally agree:tup:
  15. Is she 50 now?!!! She does look good for a witch like way. The lady scares me!