Madonna Countdown Has Begun!

  1. I'm flying to Phoenix to see her June 10. Anyone else going to catch her tour? I changed my seat location after reading reviews from LA about which catwalks she uses the most....can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. HAVE A SUPER TIME! I saw her at Madison Square Garden in June 2004 and she is INCREDIBLE!!!!
  3. Have a safe trip, and enjoy the concert.
  4. Have fun!!! I saw her in Phila a few years ago and she was amazing!!!!
    Madge rocks!!
  5. I am freaking out....Madonna is just a few days away!! I am flying from Seattle to 112 degrees in Phoenix to see my beloved Diva.
  6. Have A Fantastic Time!!!
  7. you are soooo lucky Roo.
    Have the best time, and tell us all about it when you come home :biggrin:

    so jealous over here lol :biggrin:
  8. Have a super Fab time! :yes:
  9. My sister went here in the SF Bay Area and had a blast!
  10. i hope you have the best time ever! i so wanna be there! definitely on my list of things to do before i die haha!!!! enjioy!!!
  11. Coldplaylover: Which catwalk does she use the most?? I am seeing her in Chicago on june 18 and now wondering if my seats are good or not!!!
  12. The center catwalk is where she is most. Looking at the stage, the left catwalk is better than the right because she sings the entire Like A Virgin song there. The best seats are the section starting where the center catwalk ends.
  13. Go to if you want to view pics from the Her Madjesty's performances over the past 2 weeks since the Confessions Tour kicked off, see the set list &/or read reviews and experiences written by fans................the website is great - been visiting it almost daily for about a year now and it's BETTER than Madonna's official website. p.s. to anyone who's going - GET READY TO DANCE AND HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE......I'm definately counting down the 22 days I have left before I go to her 6/29 show at Madison Square Garden.
  14. Have a great time!! Report back with how great it was!