Madonna Confessions Tour...Are You Going?

  1. Since she is not performing in the Northwest I have to go to Phoenix in June to see the legend perform live. Anyone else a fan?
  2. I am really bummed out that she is not going to be in Toronto, only Montreal.:sad2:
  3. I saw her on her last tour (may of 04 in Vegas). I wish I could go this year, espically since she is performing in Phoenix(only a few hour drive for me). She is an amazing performer.
  4. She's amazing! I would LOVE to go but probably won't.
  5. Her last tour was AMAZING!!!
  6. My friend and I were talking about it the other day. 100+ for tickets, right? I think?
  7. OMG! I wish the tickets were 100 bucks. the crappy seats are going for 350$$ and yeah baby I'm totally going to see "your highness"!!!
  8. I got a great lower bowl seat next to one of her side stages for $350..that is the highest price level if you didn't do the Ticketmaster auction.
  9. The range for her tickets is $55 -$350. For $55 you probably can't even see the jumbotron. :amuse: I would :love: :love: :love: to see her. I've been a fan since the beginning. For three yrs I dressed up as Madonna for Haloween when I was little. Jelly bracelets and all! :P
  10. Will be missing it.
  11. I'll be watching her at NY on June 28. Can't wait!!!
  12. Isn't she doing like 5 nights in a row at MSG?
  13. going today to see her at the coachella fest!!!
  14. I saw her on her last tour at Madison Square Garden. I was in NYC visiting my Aunt and it was an incredible show!
  15. I went to the last two `01 and `04 in London...didnt book this time as most of my friends thought it was too expensive.

    Last tour my sister-in-law bought tickets and then couldnt go as she was ill. She sold them on eBay and didnt even make face value.
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