Madonna Concert

  1. Just got back from Madonna's concert - managed to snag great seats - she looked so so good. Most of the songs were from latest album, I was hoping she'd do more of her classics. Was a blast though, the woman's a born perfomer.
  2. i am so damn jealous!! i looovvveee MADONNA...
  3. where did you see her in concert?
    Im very jealous, I couldnt get tickets for her UK tour!
  4. That's awesome. I saw her on her last tour and she did the same thing....only played songs from her latest CD and threw in a couple of oldies.
  5. LUCKY! Madonna is a great preformer!
  6. I went to the Drowned world tour, and that was AMAZING!! I triued to get tickets this time but I couldn't. YOu are so lucky!!
  7. JUNE 10, PHOENIX....bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I listen to COTDF everyday while driving since almost all the songs in her concert are from that. I already have the setlist. Couldn't wait to buy the merchandise so I got that already too!!
  8. I also studied the seating chart and read fans experiences on which catwalk she is on for each song so I am now holding 2 great seat locations!
  9. Saw her in Vegas (I live here) - the MGM was packed. I was really lucky as the seats came through a connection so we were so so close to the stage cum runway- Paris Hilton was there for a bit, really ridiculous as soon as she came in people were chanting her name and taking pix, took a while to die back down - and then started all over again when she left early. My friend said she then saw Lindsay Lohan walk in, I was too busy marvelling Madonna's appearance, I hope I look even half as good as she does at her age! It can't be denied the woman's a legend!
  10. I turn her age today, 47!
  11. Happy Birthday!:flowers:

  12. Many Happy Returns! :flowers:
  13. oh wow, you lucky lucky girl.
    She sang "live to tell" for the first time again live, this tour, wow! you are so lucky.

    Madonna rocks, I wish I had half her energy now :biggrin:
  14. Madonna rocks, I wish I had half her energy now :biggrin:[/quote]
    Me too! She hardly stopped at all last night - my feet were aching just watching her!:lol:
  15. She's incredible live!