Madonna Boots from Vanity Fair Cover

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  1. I am afraid I dont have a good picture but was very curious to know who made these boots. I was guessing balenciaga or gaultier? Does anyone know?
  2. I was just going to ask that myself!! Here are more pictures, if they help anyone.
    cuar02_madonna0805.jpg cuar03_madonna0805.jpg madddddge__oPt.jpg
  3. She looks amazing! Don't know about the shoes!
  4. no one???
  5. LOL, I just got my issue of Vanity Fair and was wandering the same thing. ANy body know who makes these killer boots?
  6. i got the mag today too. it says they are givenchy haute couture. they are fabulous!
  7. Wow. I don't know how I would wear them, but I really want them!
  8. she looks amazing! I used to have some thigh high boots and they were a ***** to get laced up and to wear. They weren't a high end designer though, so those are surely more comfy. They are beautiful.