Madonna and the baby

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Hope things are quieting down for them now.
  3. Happy the baby looks healthy.

    Looks like he took a trip to GAP.
  4. Little David is soooo cute!!
  5. Notice he is wearing the red string around his wrist. Oh Madge!
  6. I really hope he learns about his heritage. At least when Angelina adopts children- they get to visit the counties they came from.

    I see she didn't hesitate to put a red string on his wrist. :s
  7. Awww just want to cuddle him :heart: !
    I hope things have calmed down for them now, it's good to see the baby all healthy and happy :smile:
  8. Wow, he's such a cute baby!!!! How sweet.
  9. LOL .. Kaballah!!

    He is so cute!!!
  10. Considering she is comitted to a long term humanitarian effort there..that's how she found him...I think that is a given ;)

  11. the red thing on his wrist? :wtf: Indeeeeeeeeed LOL

    he loooks sooo cute and healthy though:shame:
  12. David is soooooo cute. I admire Madonna for having done what she did, I think she will try to do the right things and I think she is a good mom. Her fake British accent though ... hmm ... how do I put it ... is simply ...:sick:
  13. awww...this picture of baby david is so cute. :yes:
  14. very cute, hope they have a great life together
  15. Baby David has such a sweet face, damn Madge not the RED STRING!!!
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