Madonna and LV -- the new spokesmodel??

  1. from Mirror 3AM:

    Eva Simpson & Caroline Hedley

    Madonna will sing at a private party for Louis Vuitton - sparking rumours she is being lined up as the new face of the French fashion house. She will perform at a lavish company bash in Prague on September 8, the day after her concert in the Czech capital. Madge, 48, is already in hot demand after being snapped up to promote Swedish fashion chain H & M for a six-figure sum.​

    She is a big fan of Louis Vuitton and is often seen sporting their signature handbags. The fashion house and Madonna's people were tight-lipped about a potential deal last night. But sources close to the star, who doesn't normally perform at private gigs, claim she is "very interested" in representing the label in some capacity.​

    HUH???? NOOOOO!!!!:yucky: :hysteric: :rant:
  2. yea I don't like that idea...Madonna is not the first person I think of when it comes to LV