Madness without end ...

  1. In a few months will be winter and I will go out only at Weekend ....
    I was thinking that a Rouge Vif First would be more suitable for the evening ...
    I feel the city as a day bag...

    :hysteric: It is fault of the Purse forum if I am now so crazy:hysteric:
  2. yeah l_b you've got the b-bag fever!!!
  3. I do think the first is a nice evening bag. The twiggy also works quite well for me as an "after hours" bag. It fits about the same amount of "stuff" as a city, but somehow "appears" smaller to me...
  4. lol, i totally blame TPF for my bag craziness too :P...and i agree that the first is the perfect evening bag & the city is the perfect day bag (although i use my firsts during the day too) :tender:
  5. lb, the first would make a great evening bag, especially in rouge vif. i say go for it!:yes:
  6. I agree....the first is the perfect evening bag because at night people tend to carry less things.
  7. The first is a great evening bag. Sounds like you have the B. Bag Fever l_b!
  8. BBag Fever is highly contagious. Is there any cure in sight?
  9. i agree too that first is more day and night bag.
    but the city, is more different, i think it depends on how you dress.
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